FarStone ONE v1.3   

Instantly restore from the "ONE" image in seconds

  • Hassle free PC recovery software
  • Everything will be up & running again in just "One" click


FarStone ONE is a state of art recovery software. It creates a goden image on the system, a user can restore system to the golden state in One click. With the latest version, One is able to restore system on each reboot. With this new feature, One will revert any changes to the system upon system boot up.

What makes ONE different from others is that it restores a system in seconds with One click or reboot.

Reboot and everything is good again.

Simply reboot and the system will be restored to its golden state in seconds.

The recovery image includes Windows, system files, applications, favorites, emails, music, photos, documents, and partitions.

What's New for FarStone ONE v1.3?

  • Now, One can restore a PC to a golden state on reboot automatically - This feature is useful for public computers, such as in libraries, testing, Kiosks, shared computers, schools, etc..
  • Rapid Restore restoring a system in seconds

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ONE Pro x 1 License

3,296.7 INR    2,636.7 INR
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ONE Pro Home (5 PCs) (Best value)

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ONE Server

9,896.7 INR    6,596.7 (60% OFF)
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System Requirements

  • 256MB RAM, 512MB free hard disk space
  • One Pro: Windows 8.1/8/7
  • One Server: Windows 2008/2012

FarStone One Feature Comparison

Feature / Edition

One Pro

One Server

Download FarStone One Free Trial (14-day full function) size:27MB

Download One Pro v1.3

14-day full function free trial

Download One Server

14-day full function free trial

Support Windows 7/8/8.1

Restore PC to a golden state upon reboot or with One click

Restore system in One click with option to keep user files unchanged

Rapid Restore (restore a system in 3 minutes)

Compression, encryption, password protection, & integrity verification

Restore from boot menu (using a hot key)

Create bootable rescue CD/DVD and external hard disk (excluding USB Flash)

Restore individual file(s) from image

View logs

Save recovery image on system and on external storage

Create multiple recovery images

Support Windows Server 2008/2012

Windows Sharepoint, Exchange, SQL, Hyper-v Servers

Create OEM Factory recovery image on your system!

Step 1 - Install One

Install FarStone one on a pc

Step 2 - Create Recovery Image

Create a image on your system (C: D:) or external storages.

Step 3 - Restore System in One Key

Restore entire system from boot menu in one click (using a hot key) or upon reboot

Step 4 - Rapid Restore

With Rapid Restore feature, it takes only a few minutes vs hours to restore a system.

Create recovery image and save on C: D: ... or external storage

System backup in one click.

Restore in One click

Restore files, folders or the whole system.

PC Recovery with a simple hot key

Restore system when system reboot or with One click

Easy to use user interface

User friendly UI design

Rapid Restore performance is 60x faster