TotalRecovery for win 10

Reliable solution backs up files & the whole system New!


  • Backs up files and Windows in an backup image
  • View files in backup images without the need to restore
  • Supports Windows 10 (and 8/7/Vista/XP)


TotalRecovery Pro is an all-in-one system backup and disk imaging software.

TotalRecovery backs up your entire machine, including system files, applications, favorites, emails, music, photos, movies, documents, and all partitions in a compressed image file. What makes TotalRecovery different from other disk imaging backup software is that it integrates all basic and advanced features covering the needs to totally backup & protect your irreplaceable data and computer system.

"Backup your Windows 7/8 before upgrading to Windows 10"
"Prevent disaters if Windows 10 upgrade fails"
"You may revert the whole system back to Windows 7/8"

Totally backed up & Reliable
"TotalRecovery not only backs up all data on a system, it automatically defrags all files, removes junks, resizes partitions, encrypts data, 20x time rapid system restore, and covers all the needs for backing up your system & files."

New for TotalRecovery v10.5 (2015 edition)

  • Go back in time to preview & restore the whole system or files
  • Backup boot devices settings
  • New repair tools for repairing boot issues
  • Export logs & jobs
  • Enhancements:
    • Create bootable USB (CD) from current system (Dynamic PE generation)
    • Enhance backup to clouds, such as SkyDrive, Google drive, and Dropbox
    • Support Windows Encryption File System (EFS)
    • Support VHDx virtual machine
    • Max performance with true 64-bit

Customer Testimonials!

"Rapid Restore is super fast"

I like its new features in version 10. Rapid restore is not so fast as snapshot. But it is different technology and can be used in different machines. I would like to suggest my friend to buy it. - Brooks

"I find Farstone superior in ease and product."

I find Farstone superior in ease and product. I tried your trial version 10.03 today on a couple of Windows 8.1 computers and it worked great. Had to have it. While I have other major products for creating multiple backups (I learned the hard way) e.g. Acronis, Norton Ghost, Spotmau, Macrium Reflect, I find Farstone superior in ease and product. - Sal, California

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Rapid Recovery

When you no longer have access to Windows.

  • Boot system into FarStone's "Recovery Manager" with the bootable CD or USB flash
  • Select "Restore" from Recovery Manager, and follow the instructions to completely restore your system and recovery lost files.
rescue data booting from USB flash

Reliable backups will prevent you from disasters.
TotalRecovery covers all the need, since 1993.

Total Backup Recovery Feature Comparison

Feature / Edition

TotalRecovery Pro

Total Backup Recovery Workstation

Total Backup Recovery Server

Download Total Backup Recovery v10.5.2
(14-day full function trial) size: 327MB

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Support Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

UEFI, GPT, Dynamic Disk, RAID Support

Disk Imaging (backs up files, Windows, and partitions)

File and folder backup

Incremental, differential, and full backup

Ftp remote & cloud backup

Universal/dissimilar restore

Defrag and Smart (eliminate Windows junk files) backup

Create bootable rescue CD/DVD & USB flash

AES encryption & password protection

Email notification, pre & post command script, quota management

Recovery tools

Back up system to VMware or Hyper-v format directly

Migration to new disk or new machine

Administration console

Manage multiple clients and setup company backup policies

Support Windows Server 2003/2008/2012

Windows Sharepoint, Exchange, SQL, Hyper-v Servers backup

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Download TotalRecovery Pro v10.10

New! Supports Windows 10 (and Win 8/7/Vista/XP)

download FarStone Total Recovery Pro

File size: 474MB | 14-day full feature trial

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System Requirements

  • Intel Pentium 233 or better
  • 512MB RAM, 600MB free disk space
  • Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP 32&64 bit CPU

Editor's Reviews

What Do Editors Say?

"FarStone Total Backup and Recovery covers all the needs."

TotalRecovery Editor's Pick

"Does it well, with a simple interface and stability."

TotalRecovery Editor's Pick

"One of the best disk imaging software solutions"

TotalRecovery Editor's Pick


Questions? Please refer to the User's Guide first.

TotalRecovery User's Guide

Q: My system crash and I have lost all of my files. I have no backup for it.

A: Don't reinstall Windows or format your system. There are chances your irreplacable files can be recovered. Boot your system with FarStone Bootable Rescue Media (CD or USB flash). Open "Explorer" navigating to your personal files/folders on the crashed system and copy them to an external storage.

True Easy-to-use Backup & Disk Imaging Software

The true intuitive user interface design allows users to create backups and protect their systems easily. You can do one-time or multiple-time backups for physical and virtual machines.

Rapid Restore From Boot Menu

Rapid Restore technology will only restore the files/folders that have been changed since your last backup. Rapid Restore allows you to securely restore entire hard drive within 3 minutes.

Create Rescue USB (CD) with Dynamic PE Technology

Rescue Media allows you to restore files/folders or full system from PC failure, to reset forgotten Windows password, to do cold disk imaging, or to rescue files on a corrupted system. Unique Dynamically PE built from current Windows system with all required drivers auto-inserted.

Backup to Clouds

Total Backup Recovery automatically recognizes your cloud storage services, such as Sky Drive, Google Drive, and DropBox.

Preview Files in Backup Image with Windows Explorer

Double-click a backup image to view its contents. You can browse through folders hierarchy to view, copy, or restore specific files and folders.

True Smart Disk Imaging

TotalRecovery Smart backup will exclude Windows redundant files, such as temp files, and defrag all files on the fly before writing to the backup image. The result is: 30GB-70GB disk space saved and all files in backup image are fully defragged.

All TotalRecovery Pro Features:

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