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CD/DVD/BD emulation, managing & sharing burning software - VirtualDrive Network

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Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2012, 2008, 2003, 2000 Server; 32 & 64 bits

For Windows 8/7/Vista/XP and 2003/2008/2012, please download Virtual Drive Network from

The latest version:16

If your system is Windows XP 32 bit, please download Virtual Drive Network from

The latest version:16
VirtualDrive Network manage, emulate, share and burn CD/VD/BD

VirtualDrive® 16 Network New: Support Win 8.1 and Win 2012

Original CD/DVD Emulation & Burning Solution

VirtualDrive Network creates compressed virtual CD/DVD files from physical CD/DVD or Blu-rays, or from CD/DVD/BD ISO images. With its easy to use network administration console, you can create up to 1,000 virtual CD/DVD cabinets, and share CD/DVD/Blu-rays on a network. VirtualDrive Network is the ideal CD/DVD/BD emulation, sharing, and management solution for CD/DVD/BD centers, schools, libraries, governments, and businesses.

check Convert CD/DVD/BD into Virtual VCDs or import from ISO images/
check Create Virtual CD/DVD/BD cabinets on server and sharing on network
check Easy to use Administration console to manage CD/DVD/BD
check Top recommended CD/DVD/BD management, sharing, and emulation software
check Make backup copies of CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs and share them on a network
check Administrator can set max number of users to use a CD/DVD simultaneously
check Set access rights, allow only authorized users to use particular CD/DVD/BD
check New: Support Windows 8, and Windows 2012 Server

“We have no more lost or damaged CDs. I plan to expand the use of VirtualDrive by networking the classroom and library research computers to the work server. This will provide easy access to CD-ROM-based encyclopedias, dictionaries, and atlases. We have been very happy with the results.”

Michael A. Harrell, Principal
Elementary School, CA
Quota Management AES 256 bits encryption Backup Anywhere
Simplify VCD management with a centralized console!
From an easy-to-manage central console, an administrator can share virtual discs and ensure that licensing agreements are honored.
Organize your virtual CDs for easier access!
Archive your virtual CDs in a searchable library. You may even copy them onto different hard drives, computers, or backup CDs--it's all up to you!
Licensing Management
Limit the number of users to access a virtual CD simultaneously to remain within the licensing agreements of software and disc-based applications.

What’s new for VirtualDrive Network 16?

VirtualDrive Network is the original CD/DVD/BD emaulation and management solution for schools and libraries. VirtualDrive has been helping hundreds of thousands people to emulate, play, burn, copy, and share CD/DVD/BD since 1996. VirtualDrive Network 16 supports Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, and provides touch screen flow user interface to further ease the usage.

  • Support Windows 8 and Windows 2012
  • Enhanced cover flow and user interface
  • Touch screen support
  • Support Blu-ray (UDF 2.6 ISO)
  • Clients don't require administrator privilege to run
  • Centralized License Management
  • Bugs fix for previous edition

What Can VirtualDrive Network Do?

  1. Libraries and schools:
    Convert all CD/DVD/BD collections to digital Virtual CD (VCD) files with VirtualDrive Network where public users can access them and enjoy fast access and easy CD/DVD/BD management.

  2. Training centers:
    Improve training efficiency by using VirtualDrive Network to host all of your training materials. All students, teachers, or authorized users can access them anytime through VirtualDrive network.

  3. Testing and Engineering departments:
    Put all your testing or referencing materials in VirtualDrive Network Cabinets. For example, you can import all MSDN ISO images into VirtualDrive Network directly; the testing and RD engineers will be able to access materials they needed faster and easier.

  4. Corporate document servers:
    Archive all your documents to VirtualDrive cabinets server. Virtual CDs files are read-only so that files can be safely shared through VirtualDrive Network without unauthorized modification or deletion.

  • VirtualDrive ScreentShot
    virtualdrive pro
    VirtualDrive ScreenShot
    VirtualDrive ScreenShot
    VirtualDrive ScreenShot
    VirtualDrive ScreenShot
    VirtualDrive Screenshot
    VirtualDrive ScreenShot
    VirtualDrive ScreenShot
    VirtualDrive ScreenShot

VirtualDrive Network Main Features:

  • The eastest CD/DVD manipulation, sharing and archiving solution
    VirtualDrive Network virtualizes all CD/DVD and Blu-ray discs and then share them on a network. Its administration console provides easy and powerful features, including CD jukebox management, CD access right control, CD license manager, CD sharing, and CD access history & log functions.

  • Eliminate the need for physical CD Tower or CD Server systems!
    With VirtualDrive® Network, you can convert CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs to virtual CDs and eliminate the need to store and organize physical CD discs.

  • Save money with VirtualDrive® Network !
    VirtualDrive® Network is more affordable than many other CD tower and CD archiving systems!

  • Preserve your physical CD discs from getting scratched by virtualization
    CDs, DVDs, and BDs are delicate and can easily be damaged. With vitualization, you can ensure the protection of your CD, DVD, movies, games, applications, and archive CDs.

  • No more CD drive noise, no more insert CDs, no wear or tear on CDs

  • Play CD from hard drive at 200x without using a physical CD drive
    Run virtual CDs directly on the hard drive with a response rate up to 200 times faster than a physical disc in a CD/DVD/BD-ROM drive. Plus, there’s no spin-up delay when you launch a virtual disc.

  • Play multiple CDs at the same time!
    Unlike physical CD, DVD, and BD drives, VirtualDrive Network allows you can play multiple CDs at once.

  • Take CDs with you on the road.
    Conveniently transport your virtual CDs on a laptop, an external hard drive, and other common digital storage media.

  • Convenient, Accessible Training
    All training materials can be put on virtual CDs placed on the network VirtualDrive Network server for anyone takes the courses when needed.

  • Reduced Need for Supervision
    There is no need for students or employees to handle the actual discs, just point and click.

  • CD/DVD/BD Archiving
    Protect CDs, DVDs, and BDs from loss, damage, or theft by creating high-quality, compressed digital copies and saving them to the network. Catalogue and manage virtual CDs in a user-friendly interface.

  • Create virtual CD (VCD) from files
    Compile and create an archive virtual CD that contains files, office documentation, emails and folders.

  • ISO Support
    Import an ISO file or other standardized CD disk image.

VirtualDrive Pro and VirtualDrive Network Comparison VirtualDrive Pro
VirtualDrive Pro 16
VirtualDrive Network
VirtualDrive Network 16
Play CD/DVD at 200X without the actual CD/DVD check check
Support CD/DVD/Blu-ray and ISO file check check
Create virtual CD/DVD from files and folders check check
Password protection for a virtual CD/DVDs check check
Compression for a virtual CD/DVDs check check
Search files in virtual CD/DVD cabnets check check
Enable/Disable autorun for virtual CD/DVD drive(s) check check
Create a customized autorun (script program) for a virtual CD check check
Explorer a virtual CD without inserting it to a virtual drive check check
Share virtual CD/DVD over network check check
Cover-Flow display mode, and customizable virtual CD cover check check
Support touch screen for easy use check check
Centralized virtual CD/DVD management   check
Centralized network management   check
Create up to 1,000 CD/DVD jukeboxes/cabinets   check
Set max number of users to use a virtual CD/DVD   check
Statistical information - CD/DVD usage history and log   check
Set access right for a CD/DVD   check

VirtualDrive Customer Testimonials

VirtualDrive Review: "

An all-in-one disc image manipulation and burning program


virtualdrive review by softpedia

VirtualDrive Review: ">One of the best applications of this type is VirtualDrive Pro"

virtualdrive review by informer.com

VirtualDrive Review: "The product is a must-have ..."...more

VirtualDrive won editor's pick by Freesharewaredepot

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VirtualDrive Review: "VirtualDrive Pro is a great program to save time and trouble by carrying disks"...more

VirtualDrive review by pcbasics

VirtualDrive Review - "a usable user interface, and strong operating system integration, all of which make this package a must-have for anyone who works with lots of CDs and DVDs." - Bright Hub


ZDNet Editor's Review - VirtualDrive Pro is a capable all-in-one disc image manipulation and burning program.


"Your jaw will literally drop at the speed difference" ... more

"Definitely worth your attention if your aim is convenience or better game performance"

"I like this application. It operates trouble-free and performs as advertised"


"VirtualDrive from FarStone is the answer. It works flawlessly and it´s worth the money."

Pen Computing

"VirtualDrive is handy for gamers and travelers because you don´t need to carry the original CD-ROMs"

"Easy to use, elegantly designed, and truly useful"

"Optimize running speed of your games and software"

"A monumental phenomenon that is sweeping the market by storm"

"VirtualDrive is an excellent piece of software and the people at FarStone have clearly done their homework"



"We appreciate the numerous functions of the program, which justify its price"

I can NOT count the times your software has saved me

I am no one special, just an ordinary computer user. I have used your program for many years now. I can´t imagine not having your software on my PC. I can´t count the times I have been required to insert a CD to make an update on my PC. Or have to re-install a program for it to work correctly. I travel and do not take all my CD´s with me, but I do carry my VCDs with me everywhere. I can NOT count the times your software has saved me. Having complete access to ALL of my software, ALL the time is "priceless". Thanks for the fantastic software.


Without a doubt the best product I have ever used

Superior results, especially for the mobile traveler with a laptop. I can take all my entertainment CDs with me on my VirtualDrive. I have been using this product for 3 years.

Eric Spitzer
Store Manager, NY

Best software I have ever purchased

I use VirtualDrive for my personal business. No more shuffling of CDs. I have loaded 27GB on one VirtualDrive.

Jacob Galstain, CA

We would recommend VirtualDrive Network to any school

We purchased the FarStone VirtualDrive Network last year for use in our elementary school (K-4) computer lab. It has met, if not surpassed, our expectations for the lab environment. Looking forward, we would like to incorporate its use across our LAN, so that the students can access the same applications from their classrooms. Application setup on our server was not difficult, nor was installation on client machines. We would recommend VirtualDrive Network to any school needing an easy, fast, and reliable means to share applications.

Bob Elliott
Computer Lab Tech
Forest Hill Elementary School
Forest Hill, CA

We have been very happy with the results and receive many visits from other schools

The major benefit of VirtualDrive has been not having to handle any more CDs. We took all of the software programs, such as Kid Pix Studio, that normally need to be in the CD-ROM drive and now run them off a single work server using VirtualDrive. I have been very impressed with the access speed and can even run the programs on computers that do not have CD-ROM drives.

We have no more lost or damaged CDs. I plan to expand the use of VirtualDrive by networking the classroom and library research computers to the work server. This will provide easy access to CD-ROM-based encyclopedias, dictionaries, and atlases. We have been very happy with the results and receive many visits from other schools that are interested in following the same program.

Michael A. Harrell
Eagle Canyon Elementary School
Chino, CA

Why did we wait so long to get this software?

We purchased FarStone Technology´s VirtualDrive Network software to eliminate the necessity of having teachers map and load CDs in each of their students´ computers. The software installation was very simple and easy to accomplish. With just a little training, teachers have adapted quickly to the use of VirtualDrive and asked:
"Why did we wait so long to get this software?"

Alan Callner
Computer Technician/Network Administrator
Mohave Valley Elementary School District #1
Mohave Valley, AZ

I wish I had found this virtual CD software years ago!

I´m very excited about this excellent product. My embroidery biz uses a lot of artwork and I have hundreds of CDs to manage. Searching for artwork on many CDs used to be so time consuming and is MUCH faster and easier now. I wish I had found this virtual CD software years ago!

John Knight
Small Business Owner,
Lake Forest, CA

VirtualDrive keeps those important CDs in my reach at all times.

I am a programmer and I use VirtualDrive for two main applications. One of them is quick conversion and mounting of Isis from the MSDN library, and the other is keeping an always ready image of my machine´s OS, and application CDs such as Office which seem to always be scattered when I need them because Office is calling for the original CD. VirtualDrive keeps those important CDs in my reach at all times. I have three licenses for it and it is on all of my machines - two laptops and a desktop. My wife has even found the joys of VirtualDrive--she uses it to cache her game CDs and run them as fast as possible.

Chicago, IL

I love it when things work as they should

I did download the VirtualDrive 12 you suggested and it works fantastic! Thanks also to FarStone for giving me the $19.99 upgrade option and the instant electronic delivery. I love it when things work as they should. Best wishes to you and FarStone,

Jim Goodykoontz

“We’d like to put it in all the libraries”

Housed in the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh, eiNetwork provides technology to all the public libraries of Allegheny County, PA, and has implemented FarStone’s VirtualDrive software at many of its sites. According to Andrea Clarkson, a Customer Support Manager, “We just love it.”

VirtualDrive is used most often to manage children’s CDs. Prior to implementing VirtualDrive, library staff would have to load discs, and, when a child finished using a disc, staff would have to drop everything to unload it.

Now, with VirtualDrive, children can launch a program simply by clicking on the associated icon. Because no physical discs are handled in the process, patrons enjoy a freer library experience and library staff are able to focus on other tasks.

According to Ms. Clarkson, “VirtualDrive makes programs run faster and smoother, since patrons are running applications on a computer’s hard drive and not from the CD-ROM drive. We’d like to put it in all the libraries when we have the budget.”

“VirtualDrive Network comes highly recommended“

“Fullerton College has been using FarStone VirtualDrive Network for two years. It is currently set up on our LAN to allow our labs and classrooms to run the multiple applications. We have used VirtualDrive Network on Windows 98, 2000, and XP. It’s very easy to set up on the LAN and easy to incorporate into an existing Windows environment. VirtualDrive Network comes highly recommended by Fullerton College to any environment that needs to manage their CD applications.”

Academic Computing Technologies
Desktop Services
Fullerton College
Fullerton, CA

I have probably saved several hundred dollars

My main use for it is to protect the original CD's for my kids' learning programs. They used to scratch the discs to the point of uselessness very quickly, so instead, I keep the originals now and I put whatever program they want on their computer until they don't want it anymore. The kids can have many games installed on the same computer with no risk of destruction. I have probably saved several hundred dollars because I didn't have to buy replacements.

Rico Mariani, Microsoft

I know it' s not magic, but it seems to be. Job well done!

I've begun to use Virtual Drive 12, initially downloaded as a (probable) means of speeding up occasional game play, which it does in spades! (As though I had time for it! - I'm ancient and have a particular fondness for the slightly-less-ancient Lucas Arts Star Wars shoot 'em up games - - XWing/Tie, etc. - - as stress-relieving entertainment.)

In real life, Im a consulting engineer with need for a wide array of reference materials, and a serious appreciation for anything that genuinely helps to speed my work. As with many busy folks, I don't wait well, and have just constructed a new quad-core super-go-fast machine to help alleviate delay issues with drawings and large spreadsheets, especially with interrelated multitasking. Games are a fun outlet, but Virtual Drive is emerging as a professional necessity in the quest for speed.

Virtual Drive is remarkably simple and intuitive, and a terrific help in eliminating "in-drive" disc requirements, and in obliterating disc delays. Additionally, some older discs are getting a bit scruffy, and this alternative will prevent further handling/use damage. It copies expertly and with uncanny accuracy. Very versatile with alternative formats.

I know it's not magic, but it seems to be. Job well done!!

As I work with it, I am coming to understand its remarkable potential. I see now that it can provide a high-speed substitute for all of my professional reference CDs, such as for CAD symbols, forms, fonts, info libraries, etc. Though a lifelong and arguably well-justified skeptic, I'm getting excited - it will save many valuable hours. Interestingly, after only a few applications I'm now looking at every CD I use frequently as a candidate for conversion. Am archiving copies of the virtual CDs in satellite storage (HDDs are cheap - time isn't.)

My sole suggestion would be to include a simple animation during search operations indicating that there's something happening - there are long and disquieting "dry spells" while the computer is "thinking" during which one is tempted to kill the thing and start over. Perhaps a simple message that delays may continue for minutes (seems a lifetime if you're a skeptic) while the program and disc are shaking hands would suffice.

Thanks for a great product.

John W. Popp
JPinc Consultants

Our customers will find VirtualDrive to be very useful and convenient

VirtualDrive's unique capability to enhance user mobility is a perfect fit for a Tablet PC designed to provide full-function computing in an ultra-mobile form factor. Our customers will find VirtualDrive to be very useful and convenient.

David Altounian
Chief Operating Officer
Motion Computing

VirtualDrive is one of the most stable and solid pieces of software

We have never encountered any problems. It is a timesaver in the school environment; it eliminates the need for students to handle expensive software and allows students to have a wider selection of software

Russ Backman
Director of Technology Children's Home of Stockton
Stockton, CA

VirtualDrive FAQs

Press Ctrl + "F" to search

How much memory does VirtualDrive use?

A: VirtualDrive creates new CD devices for your system. It uses 64 KB of memory to cache the most recently used data for each VirtualDrive.

Q: Do I need to pay annual license fee?

A: There is no annual fee for DriveClone. You can optionally purchase 2 years maintenance plan for free technical supports & free new version upgrades for 2 years.

Q: Do I need another license for another PC?

A: You will need to purchase a license for each computer.

Q: Can I build a VirtualDrive VCD file from selected files on my computer, network server or CD-ROM disc?

A: Yes, you can drag-and-drop selected files and folders using the "cutomized VCD" creation feature. The created VCD will be used exactly like using a physical disc.

Q: Can I use ISO image file directly with VirtualDrive?

A: Yes, you can import starndard ISO files into VirtualDrive. Optional to "Convert ISO9660 image to VCD" files

Q: What is the difference between the VirtualDrive evaluation version and the licensed version?

A: Both versions have same functions. The only difference for VirtualDrive evaluation is it expires in a limited time. (normally 14-day or 30-day).

Q: Does VirtualDrive support compression?

A: Yes. VirtualDrive's average compression ratio is usually about 30-50%. For the uncompressed CD title, the compression ratio can be as high as 50%.

Q: Does the building time vary depending on the performance of the real CD-ROM drive?

A: Yes. The reading speed of CD-ROM drives produced by different manufacturers will vary depending on their error-correction ability and other mechanisms.

Q: Can I convert a an ISO file to VCD file?

A: Yes.

VirtualDrive auto-plays the contents of VCDs at system start-up. How do I stop the auto-play?

A: Uncheck the "Enable CD autorun" box from View > Settings > Miscellaneous in the VirtualDrive menu bar.

Q: Can VirtualDrive automatically insert VCDs from virtual drive(s) after the computer restarts?

A: Yes, just check "Keep VCDs in the drive when the system boots" from View > Settings > Miscellaneous in the VirtualDrive menu bar.

Q: Why does the game application still ask me to insert the CD when the virtual CD is already inserted?

A: You may resolve this problem by trying either of the following methods:
Change a CD drive's letter by using "Disk Management" in Windows. Do to so, right-click My Computer > Manage > Disk Management, and right-click the interested drive and select "Change Drive Letter and Paths" to change the drive letter. Build this game CD by using intelligent extraction.

Q: Why can I hold only a maximum of 23 virtual drives on my PC?

A: Since there are 26 letters in the alphabet, we suppose that, on your computer, A: and B: are floppy drives, and C: is the entire hard disk. Therefore, there are only 23 letters left, and each one can be assigned to a drive.

Q: Some games require more than one CD for playing. How can I replace a CD without interrupting the game?

A: VirtualDrive enables users to use a hot-key to insert a CD. Preset a hot-key and a virtual drive for each CD so that you can insert them into the designated drive by using the hot-key without interrupting the game.

Q: When deal with UDF higher version (such as 2.4 or 2.6), I can not use Virtual Drive normally. How to solve?

A: Yes, Please upgrade to VirtualDrive 15, 16 or later version.

Q: What is VirtualDrive?

A: VirtualDrive CD emulator converts CDs and unprotected DVDs into compressed images, or "virtual discs", which it plays in any one of up to 23 "virtual drives". These virtual drives, created in the software, show up as drive letters in Windows Explorer and run directly on the hard drive with access rates up to 200 times faster the CD/DVD-ROM drives. The result is more responsive, quieter playback, less wear and tear on a computer's hardware, and complete freedom from physical discs, which can then be left at home, safe from theft or damage.

Q: How does VirtualDrive work?

A: VirtualDrive converts game and application discs into MP3-like files, or "virtual discs". It also creates up to 23 "virtual drives" and fools Windows into treating them as physical CD/DVD-ROM drives. These virtual drives appear as drive letters in Windows Explorer. You can run several virtual CDs simultaneously (one virtual CD (VCD) per virtual drive), swapping them out via hot keys. Since virtual CDs play directly on your hard drive, they have much faster access rates than physical CDs in a CD/DVD-ROM drive.

How many VCDs can VirtualDrive operate?

A: Users can operate CDs simultaneously in up to 23 "virtual drives", swapping them out for a seamless transition between volumes of a game. VirtualDrive's simple, user-friendly GUI makes it easy to create unlimited VCDs, modify them with custom tracks and documentation, and manage them in a searchable virtual CD library.

Q: Can I use two or more VirtualDrive Network Admin Console on a local area network?

A: You can only use one VirtualDrive Network Admin Console at a time on a LAN.

How do I hide the shared VDN directory via My Network Places?

A: You can keep the directory invisible on a network by renaming the folder name as VDN$

Q: What is VirtualDrive Network?

A: VirtualDrive Network is a digital archiving program that creates compressed files, or "virtual discs", from software, video, photo, and music CDs and DVDs. These files can be saved to a network, to a standalone computer, or to a portable medium (like a flash card), and can be used instead of the original CDs on any PC. You can build thousands of virtual discs and run them on a server at speeds nearly 200 times faster than their CD-ROM counterparts.

Q: How many users can share their VCDs simultaneously?

A: When virtual discs (VCD files) are placed on a network, any number of users can access them simultaneously while the original discs remain stored for safekeeping.


Windows 7/ XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server2008; 32-bit & x64

70 MB HDD space

Administrating Console

Windows 7/ XP/ Vista; 32-bit & x64

A CD/DVD drive

40 MB HDD space if working peer to peer


Windows 7/ XP/ Vista; 32-bit & x64

No CD drive is required

40 MB HDD space if working peer to peer

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What do customers say?

VirtualDrive Network comes highly recommended by Fullerton College to any environment that needs to manage their CD applications

— Fullerton College
Fullerton, CA

We would recommend VirtualDrive Network to any school

— Bob Elliott
Computer Lab Tech
Elementary School, CA

Why did we wait so long to get this software?

— Alan Callner
Network Administrator
Elementary School, AZ